Design team RISE started in 2006. The works produced at this design studio span a wide range of design fields. In the field of print graphics, he produces a variety of identity programs for the promotion and marketing of companies and organizations, including logos, brochures, signs and web. We deeply understand people, things, and situations, and are constantly searching for messages that help us coexist with others, in order to give shape to our customers' will and thoughts for the future of society. We will continue to be a dynamic and vibrant place for work and creation.


When deciding on a character design, we decide on a design based on a theme that is consistent with the product or service, keeping in mind that the colors and silhouettes have individuality. Characters with unique colors and silhouettes can be identified at a quick glance, making them easier to remember.


The drawing method is based on gesture drawing. Unlike croquis drawings where you follow the outline, the impression is more important than the outline when drawing. I strive to create illustrations that evoke warmth and emotion without compromising accuracy.


We create UI designs that can be intuitively operated to provide essential value and lead to business goals. It takes into consideration not only the user's "line of sight" but also "emotions" such as where they look and what they feel, allowing users to intuitively understand and manipulate information without having to think, and take actions that suit their goals. We provide smooth UI design.


Business tools are the most primitive communication tools for companies and consumers. Therefore, it is necessary to create a tool that includes a careful message that creates an overall sense of trust and expectation.


Branding design is the process of building and maintaining the image of a company or product. Specifically, the purpose is to reflect the company's concept and values through logos, package designs, web designs, advertising designs, etc., and to convey an impressive message to users. They are often designed not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a strategic perspective, and are closely related to business strategy.